Mike has been practicing meditation since entering recovery in 2007. Introduced first to Mindfulness meditation, he has studied various teachers and practiced at Vipassana retreats. After a bit of a break, he became a student of Guy Gaudry Roshi at the London Zen Centre in 2015 and has been practicing there ever since.

Further Reading

Meditation Now or Never by Steve Hagen. “National bestselling author and teacher Steve Hagen strips away the cultural and religious jargon surrounding meditation and provides an accessible and thorough manual for newcomers and experienced practitioners alike.”

Buddhism Plain and Simple by Steve Hagen. “This book offers a clear, straightforward approach to Buddhism in general and awareness in particular. It is about being awake and in touch with what is going on here and now.”

Everyday Zen by Charlotte Joko Beck. “Charlotte Joko Beck offers a warm, engaging, uniquely American approach to using Zen to deal with the problems of daily living—love, relationships, work, fear, ambition, and suffering.”

Local Groups

London Zen Centre The London Zen Centre’s mission is to make the deeply transformative Zen Buddhist teachings accessible to everyone so they can experience for themselves the depth, insight and joy of the Zen path.  

Refuge Recovery Buddhist-inspired addiction recovery meeting in London Ontario

Yoga of 12-Step Recovery Y12SR is a 12-step based discussion and yoga practice. It is a rich and powerful framework for integration the wisdom of yoga and the practical tools of 12-step programs.

Treeleaf Zendo is an online practice place for Zen practitioners who cannot easily commute to a Zen Centre due to health concerns, living in remote areas, or childcare, work, and family needs.